Design Your Office for Success: Create an Unforgettable First Impression


One should always be careful about the functionality and comfort of office. Office design directly affects the working conditions and environment. A cluttered office with less space to walk can affect the efficiency of employees. In order to work properly in the office, create a healthy, productive & clutter free office space.

While planning office, knowledge of basic requirements is essential. Utilizing available space properly so that there is ample space to walk freely, reception, pantry, conference room, executive office, board room, and waiting room should be considered while designing the office.

Designer Office Reception:

Office reception is a vital place since it welcomes clients and visitors. Therefore, it is essential to have an impressive and designer office reception. Various office furniture manufacturers in Gurgaon & Delhi are providing modern office furniture to build designer office reception.

Conference Room:

Conference room being the central place of an office should be well designed and impressive. Apart from comfort of participants, the conference room should also be capable to accommodate various types of equipments.

Storage Cabinets:

Storage cabinets are a necessity of every office. They can be cupboard, filing cabinet, drawer unit etc. They not only help you organize your desk but also keep important documents safe & accessible.

Speaking about planning office furniture, Fine Grace is a one stop solution for all your modern office furniture needs, from a designer office reception to storage cabinets. They are counted among the leading office furniture manufacturers across Delhi & Gurgaon.

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Workstation Chairs

Comfortable Executive, CEO, Computer Chair Series

Fine Grace offers a wide range of office chairs according to the client need and expectation.  We design our product according to the client requirement based on their space, employee requirements, office architecture. We deliver best designed product to our customer who satisfied them.

According to our best designer we offer variety in office Chairs like CEO chairs, revolving chairs, executive chairs, wood chairs, using the best quality of raw materials, termite free wood, long lasting materials. These chairs are based on the utility and effectiveness of the chairs in the working hours as well as we customized chairs as per the client specification details either in size or shape.

We always keep in mind following features before deliver any project.

  • Unique Customized Designs
  • Quality Product
  • Comfortable approach

Following  are the series of office chairs like CEO chairs, executive chairs, waiting area chairs, Workstation series, Training series, Slimline Series, Guest Series, Cafeteria Chairs.

CEO Chairs: – Our ergonomically designed Chairs are highly used in corporate offices and houses and uses quality foam that makes them highly comfortable. As well as we offer technically strong  stretch and evolution feature which provides  an easily adjustable according to the requirement of

the user.

Executive Chairs: –  These chairs are ideal for BPO’s, IT Software Companies where people sit for long hour in front of a computer.  Further, our chairs are manufactured using high grade material such as foam and wood, which do not lose their shape for many years.

Computer Chairs: –  Our Computer Chairs are designed based on those who sit and work for long hours. Our product provides maximum comfort, have molded foam seat & back as well as adjustable hand resting pads.

Cafeteria Chairs: – Our products provide designer  furniture based on available space and architecture.

Waiting Area Chairs:-  These office chairs are suitably designed for highly comfortably  for long hours.  We offer a wide range of chairs, which are available in elegant & exclusive designs.

Slimline Chair  Series: These chairs are basically designed for customer’s comfort for long hour.  Our Chairs provide maximum comfort, have molded foam seat & back as well as hand resting pads.

Workstation Chairs:-  We design a wide range of workstation chairs, which are best for offices,especially for  cabins, software companies.

Training Chair Series:-  Training Chair Series are available in various designs and color combinations, these are also ideal for those users who sit for long hours.