Why Should You Choose Office furniture manufacturer of Delhi

Delhi has got some best names in the field of office furniture manufacturers. The furniture manufacturers’ market is quite huge and spread out as Delhi itself. It is recognized by the product variants, quality of service, cost effectiveness and delivery. The customization of office furniture can also been seen in many places. Delhi furniture manufacturers are known for their knack of selling good quality furniture at a competitive price. You should go for a Delhi manufacturer for the following reasons:

1) Range of Products: Delhi, being the capital city of India, has got quite a range of furniture products catering to various industries. You name a furniture item and you will find it here. Not only that, you may find a mix of Indian and imported modular office furniture that brings out best of both worlds.

2) Customization: Delhi office furniture manufacturers provide customized solutions as per the requirements of the customer. You just need to tell the colour, dimensions, design material and your furniture product will be made in a very professional manner.

3) Creative Designers: Most manufacturers are also creative designers who put their skills to the best use while creating office furniture items. These furniture items can be modular, classic or contemporary as per the choice of the user. The creativity can be seen in different shapes and colours of furniture items that are manufactured here.

4) Cost-effectiveness: The furniture manufactured in Delhi is both cost-effective and long lasting. This is due to the fact that Delhi is considered office furniture manufacturing hub or cluster. It supplies material to other parts of India also and thus holds advantage in terms of furniture costs.

5) Computerized Designs: This has started as a new trend in Delhi where more impetus is given to computerised designs by the furniture manufacturers. A computer can design furniture by taking multi-dimensional views of shape, size, flexibility, space and utilization of the furniture items. It also enables to adjust and collaborate on various aspects of furniture manufacturing such as durability, strength and comfort.

If you are looking of good office furniture manufacturers in Delhi, do not hesitate to search online and find the best in office furniture business.


Why a Smart Office Reception Matters

An office is an extension of one’s thought process. A Smart Office’s design is done keeping in mind the potential of your employees which needs both new technology and innovative thinking. This should also be done keeping your clients and people whom you interact with in mind. A smart office reception area thus becomes a big part of what is inside your office. The office reception is the doorway to the kind of office design you have for all your stakeholders and new customers.

People nowadays have become more interconnected and agile than any time before. Success often knocks the door of those who understand the trends and behaviours going on at the moment. That is what constitutes smart office reception- combination of needs and innovative thinking combined with latest technology to get the best out of the situation. A smart office reception in a way is the mirror to your whole office setup where people get the first minute impressions about you and your business. Thus, to succeed you need a holistic and long term approach.

An office reception is not really smart until all the things – technology, services, and parts support each other including individuals who work there. As such, a smart office should support the employees and the clients who visit there. A smart office reception thus should have the following qualities:

  • Centred around people, process, service and technology
  • A flexible and accessible place for everyone
  • Technology enabled space
  • Functional, convenient and fruitful modular furniture
  • Sustainable, economical and environment friendly modular office furniture

A Smart Office reception should clearly showcase your ideals, vision, mission and workplace objectives. Based on this, you can design and purchase smart office furniture and get a designer office reception. As you build upon, the space already created, you can add and subtract some elements in the workplace journey.  This will not only ensure creativity, but also productivity, sustainability and efficiency over a period of time.

5 Ways to Spruce Start-Up Office Furniture

Startups today are the way to the future. A start up enterprise needs all the essential ingredients to make it a success – vision, mission, marketing strategy, long work hours, smart workforce, teamwork, planning and the list goes on. In addition to this, you would need some good investors and good design choices to attract those investors. It may take a back seat in your thought process while you are busy with other things; but the layout and design of your office furniture is a very important factor like any other for success.

There are two critical things that you must not ignore while choosing your office furniture – cost and functionality as per your image. Investors would already know that you require money for the journey to begin; so do not reinforce this by putting impractical furniture like low quality chairs / tables at all. Instead, show them your creativity with wise use of the money you have.

Inexpensive yet smart design is always acceptable, but do not invest in cheap furniture. If you have trouble selecting the smart office furniture for your office, hire the services of a design specialist. The following inputs from you always come handy in sprucing up the modern office furniture:

  1. Identity: Give a correct impression of your company to investors, employees and clients that you mean business. This shows in the design you select for the office space you have. You can have eye-catching entrance sign boards, nice lobby areas, and functional modular seating arrangements. This generates a powerful and positive impression into the minds of investors, potential clients and employees.
  2. Flexible: Start-ups do undergo changes over a period of time in terms of physical space. A meeting room may become a workspace tomorrow or a pantry may be converted into a picture gallery. As far as possible, keep your furniture designs flexible keeping in mind functionality and corporate identity. An open structure with movable furniture / spaces shows that you are thinking ahead. Invest in smart modular furniture and cubicles which give you a lot more options than fixed furniture.
  3. Ergonomic: Chairs, desks, and meeting tables are essential for everyday business. If your staff needs to invest a lot of time in the office, you should provide comfortable modular chairs and work tables. The other important aspect is the kind of work required from the employees. You have to think if it requires more desktop area or modular storage area; more open spaces or smaller cubicles; big meeting room or a smaller sitting arrangement etc. Adding to these utilities is the lighting aspect where you can supplement electric light with natural light and greenery inside the office space.
  4. Colours: Add colours to your startup office space keeping in mind the feeling you wish to generate about your company to all the potential stakeholders. You may choose to have bright colours to the wall to give a youthful outlook or mix & match with different hues for creative outlook.
  5. Image: Express your startup identity through display of artwork on the walls. This can be spruced up with the smart office furniture. You may choose to project artwork as modern art of classical form depending upon what image you wish to project. However, always be careful in the choice of picture you put on the wall as it tells a lot about you.

Because, First Impression Is the Last Impression

Remember the cliché “First impression is the last impression”? Although an old adage, it rings particularly cutthroat when it comes to designing an office space.

Within seconds of stepping inside your office premises, clients form an impression about your company, whether you are trustworthy and good enough to do business with.

Well, you can’t control what people think about you, you can definitely wad the deck in your favour, and not just with contemporary couches in the reception area. You can convey the professionalism of you business right when they enter in countless ways.

From offering an amicable smile to decking up your office with luscious plants, to offering free Wi-Fi, in this article we shall share with you a few mantras that will make a concrete first impression with your commercial office furniture, designer office reception and office furniture workstations.

Here we go!

  • Put sweets in your reception area. (And by that we mean, branded sweets, hands down.)
  • Put a cordial smile. Be gracious. Look delighted.
  • In case you are into any CSR activities, highlight them.
  • Offer pens with company banding for take away.
  • Mandatory: Natural lighting (Trust us, it gives a feeling of space & reassurance)
  • Put Plants: They provide a natural look and show that you care for things. For example: “dracaena steudneri”
  • Buy strong and sturdy commercial office furniture. The poorly made furniture may not only cause discomfort to your employees, but may also tarnish your image.
  • Displaying art or any major achievements of your organisation will not only convey success and intelligence, but also work as a calming factor. (This should include industry & company literature and your awards.)
  • Keep the visitors reinvigorated by offering them water, tea, etc.
  • Regulatory Information & access for the disabled.
  • Bright beam of light: highlights the company logo & adds a sophisticated look.
  • Suitable desk height: Commercial office furniture and office furniture workstations act like center stage for your office. Make sure that the heights of these are suitable as high desks are intimidating.
  • Visible Network (Wi-Fi) Details: To make unscripted meeting more convenient.
  • A news TV: to show that you are updated with the latest trends.
  • Exhibit your social media names & entice your visitors to follow you.

In order to have a look on sturdy and high quality commercial office furniture and office furniture workstations, visit http://www.finegrace.com/, one of the finest commercial office furniture manufacturers in Delhi/NCR, to create a lasting first impression and fulfil your office furniture workstations need. Pick your best design from a wide range and get going! Stay tuned to learn more.