Why a Smart Office Reception Matters

An office is an extension of one’s thought process. A Smart Office’s design is done keeping in mind the potential of your employees which needs both new technology and innovative thinking. This should also be done keeping your clients and people whom you interact with in mind. A smart office reception area thus becomes a big part of what is inside your office. The office reception is the doorway to the kind of office design you have for all your stakeholders and new customers.

People nowadays have become more interconnected and agile than any time before. Success often knocks the door of those who understand the trends and behaviours going on at the moment. That is what constitutes smart office reception- combination of needs and innovative thinking combined with latest technology to get the best out of the situation. A smart office reception in a way is the mirror to your whole office setup where people get the first minute impressions about you and your business. Thus, to succeed you need a holistic and long term approach.

An office reception is not really smart until all the things – technology, services, and parts support each other including individuals who work there. As such, a smart office should support the employees and the clients who visit there. A smart office reception thus should have the following qualities:

  • Centred around people, process, service and technology
  • A flexible and accessible place for everyone
  • Technology enabled space
  • Functional, convenient and fruitful modular furniture
  • Sustainable, economical and environment friendly modular office furniture

A Smart Office reception should clearly showcase your ideals, vision, mission and workplace objectives. Based on this, you can design and purchase smart office furniture and get a designer office reception. As you build upon, the space already created, you can add and subtract some elements in the workplace journey.  This will not only ensure creativity, but also productivity, sustainability and efficiency over a period of time.


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