Checklist for Buying Office Furniture

That time of the year when you consider buying new modular office furniture already? We have rolled up our sleeves to create a checklist that will tell you what you should keep in mind while going on a shopping spree.

First things first

  • Decide on needs, fix your budget and know your options: Whether buying new modular furniture or recycling your old one, consider looking at your floor plan. Measure odd spaces, calculate how many tables you will need, or the way you will stack the pieces to create your office space. Note that expensive is not always the best, so keep your expectations realistic and your choices within budget.
  • Invest in durability and comfortability. Don’t expect your staff to solve that coding issue while sitting on a chair that doesn’t let their back rest or feel offended when your classy leather couch, that you reserve for meetings, gives that strong odor that you fail to get rid of.
  • Ask for suggestions from your team and employees, for it is them who will be using your modular furniture. They can help you to decide which chairs are more adjustable or details like if they need keyboard tray with their tables.
  • Choose timeless styles instead of classy to give your office furniture a longer life. No, we do not mean that you buy something old-fashioned, but eccentric colors, glass tables, wrong fabrics are some things that will get difficult to be managed as your company grows and usability of furniture increases.

Secondary issues

  • Consider technology, especially if you work in the IT-related field, and think how much of it will change to affect you directly. Remember that how just a decade back, all employees wanted was a system and connectivity to the local printer. Now, we have data cables, PDAs, external drives, task lights and much more, making it imperative to think how much storage space will be needed in the future or the best ways to hide those extra wires.
  • Flexible modular office furniture makes it easy to change the layouts later. As your work expands, you may need to add more desks or create new space. Select the furniture type that is light and trouble-free to move. Adding wheels on workstations is another good idea as it gives ample agility to the employees to pair up projects and work together as a single team.

While these are multiple modular office furniture manufacturers in Delhi, our advice to you would be to search the ones directly working in your niche, so that you can get what you want and when you want. With years of experience in serving the business community, FineGrace has managed to develop a sturdy repute with its clients. To know more about how you can get custom modular office furniture made, please contact them today!


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