Buying an Ergonomic Chair from Office Chairs Manufacturers

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It is a tragic proven fact that most office chairs in India aren’t ergonomically designed. Several office chair manufacturers tout their styles as ergonomic; however the fact is quite different. Whereas several of these chairs do have some options which will be labelled as ergonomic, they’re hardly the whole package you would like – one thing that is incredibly worrying considering however important it’s that these items of furniture are ergonomically sound. In fact, in step with a recent survey, office furniture is that the single most significant factor in deciding how the staffs feel all through their workday. Therefore it’s up to you, the buyer, to settle on the proper chair for your workplace or home. Here is some stuff you got to be aware of after you are out shopping:-

How to find Quality office Chairs in India

  1. Adjustable height – several office chair makers allow the height of the chair to be modified as desired, however several of them do not know what the maximum or minimum heights ought to be. Generally, the thumb rule is to examine whether or not your thighs are straight once your feet are placed flat on the ground or not.
  2. Lower back support – The spinal cord of a human being curves inward, and if this is often not supported, we have a tendency to tend to slouch, ruining our posture and damaging our lower back. Correct ergonomic chairs would allow you to alter the lower back support in such a way that your spinal cord rests snugly against it.
  3. Higher back support – The support of the chair ought to be a minimum of fourteen inches broad. Its height and angle ought to be adjustable. It ought to conjointly lock into place once the user has set he’s snug. The lock ought to be durable and not have a bent to slide as this will be terribly dangerous for the person leaning on the support. Office chair makers typically place in weak locks, one thing you ought to always be careful for.
  4. Cushioning – The seat and presumably even the support ought to be well cushioned. This may permit you to sit down thereon for long hours while not strain or discomfort. The seat material ought to ideally be product of fabric or one thing similar that enables air to undergo.
  5. Swivel – an office chair ought to undoubtedly have a swivel feature that enables you to achieve all around while not having to induce up or straining.

These are a number of the foremost vital components of a really ergonomic piece of furniture. Office chair manufacturers, Gurgaon residents know, frequently pass off semi ergonomic chairs as really ergonomic ones. You ought to be terribly careful of such badly designed items of furniture as they’ll for good injure your spine and ruin your posture. You ought to conjointly browse up on the right way to sit in office chairs to prevent any such injury.


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